Sfakia Sky Marathon

44 KM | +3050 M | 10H 30M | ITRA 2

race Data

44,1 km

+3050/-2480 m

10,5 h




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Sfakia Sky '19

Michael Vourakis

Sfakia Sky '21

Arkalos Team

Sfakia Sky '19

Michael Vourakis

From Sea to Summit

All the Exciting Details!

Get ready for an incredible adventure on Saturday, October 28, 2023, at the Chora Sfakion port. We’re thrilled to welcome you bright and early at 6:00 AM for an unforgettable day ahead. Swing by the event secretariat between 6:00 AM and 7:00 AM to snag your race number. Plus, if you’d like, you can stash a bag with spare clothes – don’t worry, we’ll have it waiting for you at the finish line in Anopolis. Around 7:15 AM, we’ll dive into a quick technical briefing to get everyone on the same page. And at 8:00 AM, we’re off to the races after a warm-up to get those muscles ready!

You’ve got a cool 10 hours and 30 minutes to complete this challenge, and we’ve got a couple of checkpoints to make things interesting:

“Mavros Harakas” 1st Pass (17th Km, +2,100m): Aim to pass this point within 4 hours and 45 minutes from the start.
“Mavros Harakas” 2nd Pass (30.5 Km, +2,980m): Make sure you’re here within 8 hours from the start.

Your journey begins with a picturesque 500-meter beachfront trot in Loutro. Then, it’s time to tackle the rocky path leading to Anopolis Sfakion. This first leg is a 3.1-kilometer uphill adventure, gaining 670 meters in altitude. After that, a sweet 800-meter downhill path takes you to Anopolis’ vibrant square. As you cross it, you’ll spot the first fuel station just around the corner. 
Ready for the next leg? For about 2.2 kilometers, you’ll switch between dirt roads and paths. Take a right at the intersection, then a left after 500 meters to join the path and hit the second refueling station at the “Entrance of Porolangos” (7.2Km, +805m). The fun keeps going with a 5-kilometer mix of dirt roads and paths, leading to the “Mavros Harakas” point (17Km, +2,115m) and the fourth central fueling station.

This station also marks the first control point—make it here within 4 hours and 45 minutes from the start.

Now, let’s talk altitude! Brace yourself for paths above 2,000 meters, where a rocky path awaits. It’s time for the famous mountain desert, a unique geological wonder. Journey through this rocky expanse for 1 kilometer before veering left at the “Rousies” spot to ascend to Pachnes, the highest peak at 2,453 meters. Scaling Pachnes is your first big achievement. The first guy and gal to conquer the peak within the time frame win the “SEA TO SUMMIT” challenge. From here, take in sweeping views of the Libyan Sea to the South and the awe-inspiring “sea of peaks” to the North—over 50 peaks above 2,000 meters in the Lefka Ori range! 
Time to keep the momentum going! Follow the fresh markers and make your way along the ridge to the second-highest peak, Mavros Gourgouthas (21.5Km, +2,668m). After a downhill stretch, you’ll hit the 5th fueling station at “Katsiveli-refugee Chr. Chouliopoulos” (25.5Km, +2,695m). 
Ready for more fun? The second challenge pays tribute to the shepherds who built the White Mountains paths. And guess what? There’s a 3-kilogram traditional Gravier cheese up for grabs! Take it to the finish line and claim victory in the “BringtheCheese” challenge. 
As you head back on a familiar trail, you’ll retrace your steps, crossing the “Mavros Harakas” point for the second time (30.5Km, +2,970m). This is the third and final checkpoint, so make it here within 8 hours from the start.
The homestretch is a mix of downhill dirt roads and paths, the same ones you tackled on your ascent. For 5 kilometers, you’ll be cruising downhill, and you’ll even pass the “Agathopi” station for the second time (35Km, +3,000m). After a 4.5-kilometer gorge run, you’ll cross paths again with the “Entrance- Porolangos” station (40.3Km, +3,000m). 
Last but not least, the final leg! Cruise on a dirt road before hitting asphalt for 2.7 kilometers, finishing in the heart of Anopoli. To make it official, you’ve got 10 hours and 30 minutes from the start. 
Anopoli’s got a delicious meal waiting for you, and at 5:00 PM, it’s time for the awards ceremony—cheers to the top 3 men and women in the general category! Then at 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM, hop on a coach back to the Sfakia port to retrieve your vehicle.

Ready to conquer “From Sea to Summit”? We can’t wait to see you there!

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Our Team

We are runners. We live in Chania, Crete and explore Lefka Ori on everyday basis.
During Sfakia Sky Marathon we are taking you to our favorite paths in this amazing place.
Join us! You will remember it for life.









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