Sfakia Vertical Run

4,9 KM | +680 M | 2H | ITRA 0

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4,9 km

+680/-100 m

2 h



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Sfakia Vertical Run

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Get ready for an explosion of energy, strength, and endurance in this sky-high adventure! We’re talking about a race that boldly tackles 680 meters of elevation gain and cheekily descends by 100 meters, all in a super compact 4.9 kilometers.
Now, picture this: athletes from far and wide gathering at the buzzing port of Sfakia, ready to take on this epic challenge. But here’s where the fun really starts. They’ll hop on a ferryboat, and in just a breezy 15 minutes, they’ll find themselves in Loutro, the gateway to the excitement.
And how do we kick things off? Well, hold onto your sneakers! The race begins right there on the ferryboat, with a catapult launch that’s sure to get hearts racing and adrenaline pumping—row by row! 
Next stop? The sandy shores of Loutro beach, a swift 500 meters of beachfront bliss. But wait, there’s more! Athletes then embark on an uphill journey along the rocky path to the charming church of Agia Ekaterini. Here’s the kicker: this path cranks up a whopping 680 meters in elevation over just 3.5 kilometers! And if you’re gunning for a valid finish, you’ve got to channel your inner bell-ringer and give that church bell a good ol’ ding before heading downhill for a breezy 900 meters. Where’s the finish line? None other than the vibrant Anopolis square! But worry not, we’ve got your hydration covered. The event sets you up with not one, but two water supply stations—one perfectly placed in the heart of the route and another just before that all-important bell.
So there you have it—a dash of playful energy added to an already exhilarating adventure! Get ready to conquer the heights and make memories that’ll last a lifetime.

There will be awards and a traditional pilafi party in the village square of Anopolis!


Our Team

We are runners. We live in Chania, Crete and explore Lefka Ori on everyday basis.
During Sfakia Sky Marathon we are taking you to our favorite paths in this amazing place.
Join us! You will remember it for life.









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