About Arkalos

Sfakia Sky Marathon Event Organizer


Mountain Ultra Trail Running Association

Arkalos is the driving force behind the Sfakia Sky Marathon. Our roots are firmly planted in Chania, Crete, where we’re a community of mountain runners and outdoor enthusiasts who revel in the natural beauty that surrounds us.
Our mission? Simple yet profound: we’re on a mission to spread the joy and benefits of mountain running. But here’s the thing – our endeavors aren’t just for elite athletes. They’re for everyone. From seasoned runners to those eager to jump back into an active lifestyle, even if they’re just stepping off the couch.
Think of us as your extended family of runners, all bound by a shared passion for improving our fitness, embracing healthy competition, or simply discovering new trails while swapping stories with fellow mountain runners.


Our initiatives encompass a range of actions, including:

Organizing Memorable Events
 We orchestrate exciting running competitions and other engaging events that celebrate the thrill of hitting the trails.

Empowering through Training and Information
 Through social media, emails, interactive social events, and enlightening seminars, we aim to keep everyone in the loop about all things mountain running.

Weekly Team Runs
 Our community thrives on shared experiences. That’s why we have weekly team runs that provide opportunities for camaraderie and exploration.

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